Friday, 7 October 2011


We are joining a playgroup this week! I hope my son is as excited as I am. He's a social little thing, so I'm pretty sure he would love it. He's turning 17 months soon and I feel this would really help his social development.

We were worried about what would happen to his social and language development when we moved here, with just his parents around. If we had stayed back in Maldives, he would have been surrounded by his (huge) extended family and friends. But luckily, our fears were unfounded, as he had a healthy 16-20 word vocabulary before his first birthday. I think reading and singing helped a lot. His dad would even read to him his journal articles. And when we were alone during daytime, he was my audience for my own cookery shows, cleaning shows, etc. The flair for acting and singing and general monkeying around blossoms when you have a baby, don't you agree? Where was I? Ah yes, Playgroups. We start on Friday. Can't wait.

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