Monday, 10 October 2011

Purées: What's the best equipment for making baby food?

When we were going to introduce our son to solids, I made the huge mistake of  buying a large liquidiser. What was I thinking! Obviously it was useless to make small amounts of purées or even dry-grind cereals (in small amounts). So I pretty much had to shove it in the back of the cupboards. What I found to be the best was a hand blender.
Something like this, but what I bought was the much cheaper supermarket brand for just AUD15 (Rf.200?). Imagine, my liquidiser had cost me 3 times as much!

The hand blender is so convenient, you can just purée the food right in serving bowl itself. Some people say that it doesn't purée meat very finely, but that could depend on the brand. I've never had such a problem. Also, usually, as the baby gets older, they are able to eat more lumpy food. There are some specialised baby processing equipment out there, but they cost you an arm and a leg! I would prefer my dear old hand blender to those any day! :))

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  1. agreed! i used mine for both my kids, and still use it for blending soups and sauces.